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"The representation and advice to our clients is guaranteed by the knowledge, experience and vocation of service of each one of our members"

Adalberto Pinzón

Practice Area

Real Estate Law
Corporate Law
Tax Law
Corporate Due Diligence
and Real Estate Due Diligence
Otoniel Hidalgo Arcia
  • Otoniel Hidalgo


Otoniel mainly takes care of operations of purchase and sale of shares, real estate and property rights; incorporations of properties to the regime of horizontal property; adviser in the constitution of companies and foundations of private interest, as well as advises in the analysis and elaboration of contracts; adviser on property segregation; processing of declarations of demolitions of improvements, declarations of new improvements, exemptions and equations of the tax of property.

He obtained his qualification to practice law in 1995 and has been a partner of the firm since 2004. In his beginnings he worked at the Public Ministry as a Municipal Prosecutor until 1999, when he moved to Spain where he completed a Doctorate in Commercial Law. 

During 2003, he served as Director of Legal Counsel of the Ministry of Public Works, participating in the negotiation of contracts, arbitrations and general legal representation of the Ministry, among others; and in 2004 he worked as Director of Cadastre and Patrimonial Assets of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, responsible for titling processes and land concessions; he was also a member of the Technical Committee of the National Land Administration Program (PRONAT).


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