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Trust, Preparation 

& Diligence 

About Us

Pinzon, Hidalgo & Bárcenas, was born in 1998 as a boutique firm primarily oriented to matters related to real estate and possessory rights.

Our firm, with nearly 20 years of existence in Panama, is committed to three fundamental pillars: Trust, Preparation and Diligence, to provide a professional service adapted to the needs of each of our clients and using our resources to help you navigate transparent by the complex world of transactions and operations related to real estate; and, in general, with matters of Real Estate Law.

What makes us different?

  • In Pinzón, Hidalgo & Bárcenas, we recognize that each legal issue is unique and requires flexible and innovative thinking..

  • Our boutique approach is result oriented, and ensures efficient and effective resolution through timely advice and personalized knowledge of our client's business.

  • Our team of expert lawyers and consultants understand the importance of accessible and timely communication to meet the needs of our clients.

  • In addition to our specialized approach to real estate and Real Estate legislation, we provide legal services in Corporate Law, Foundations, Tax Law, Migration and Visas; as well as litigation and mediation and arbitration proceedings.

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