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Social Responsability

In Pinzón, Hidalgo & Bárcenas, we have a high and constant ethical reflection on the activities and work we do. We are faithful believers of the role that companies must play, in search of Sustainable Development. This is imperative today; and in Pinzon, Hidalgo & Bárcenas we have it as a north in all our performances.

In this sense, as a socially responsible company, some of the instruments we use are the following:


Extra Petitium Program

This program is designed to offer free hours of legal services and to carry out paperwork for people of limited resources and non-profit organizations. In addition, we offer courtesy services to our regular customers on specific issues that reflect the social responsibility of each of their companies.

Fundación Abogar (

Fundación Abogar is our non-profit foundation through which, with our own resources and of our clients, we execute works and services, appealing to the necessary and even mandatory corporate social responsibility that should characterize every company today.

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