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Legal Services

Real Estate Law

We offer both, individual clients, as well as, investment groups and other law firms, a comprehensive and integral range of Real Estate and Property Rights counseling in Panama including, but not limited to:

  • Promissory, property purchase and lease agreements.

  • Elaboration and revision of regulations of Horizontal Property and incorporation to said regime.

  • Titling processes of Possession Rights and Concessions.

  • Processes of delineations and demarcations; and, verification of measures and boundaries.

  • Legal advice in urban development or Real Estate Development project in urban and rural areas.

  • Constitution and execution of mortgages.

  • Advice on segregation and incorporation of real estate.

  • Procedures for declarations of improvements demolitions, declarations of new improvements, exemptions and equations of the property tax.

  • Litigation in real estate and arbitration proceedings.  

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