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"The representation and advice to our clients is guaranteed by the knowledge, experience and vocation of service of each one of our members"

Adalberto Pinzón

Practice Areas

Real Estate Law 
Corporate Due Diligence
and Real Estate Due Diligence 
Mediation and Conciliation
Adalberto Pinzón Cortez
  • Adalberto Pinzon


With more than 20 years in the practice of law, in Pinzón, Hidalgo & Bárcenas specializes in negotiating property purchase contracts; coordinates and executes the corresponding due diligence processes; and, in the same way, he acts as mediator and conciliator.

Adalberto was qualified to practice law in 1995 and is a founding partner of the firm in 1998. Prior to his foundation, he worked as a legal advisor at the Panama Maritime Affairs Office in New York, USA; and then as Legal Manager for Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean Region of an important brand of clothing on matters of falsifications.


From 2001 to 2004 he worked in the public sector, being Director General of Cadastre, where he regulated, edited and compiled a procedure manual for the titling processes; was appointed member of the First Technical Board of Real Estate and of the National Program of Land Administration (PRONAT), where he was part of the legal technical team for the design and execution of the titling program, in conjunction with consultants and officials of the Inter-American Development Bank and The  World Bank; and then was Coordinator of the program's Technical Operational Committee. In 2004 he served as Deputy Minister of the Presidency, in charge of the legal advice of the Cabinet of Ministers; and member of the Office of the Casco Antiguo.

From 2004 to 2007, he was a consultant and international exhibitor in matters of regularization and titling of lands for international organizations such as IDB, AID and FEMICA, among others. He is currently conducting occasional land consultancies.


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